Dr. Laura Milnor, owner of Milnor Orthodontics, has combined her love of orthodontics with her love of community service by giving away free braces to a very grateful recipient.

In March, Jennifer Cooper saw a Facebook post from Milnor Orthodontics stating they were giving away one set of free braces. “I saw it and decided why not? I prayed we would win so I could do this for my son. I was in disbelief when they contacted us to tell us we won. I could not wait to tell him the great news! He has been asking me to do this for him for a long time, but I couldn’t quite afford it. This is going to help his self-esteem and self-image tremendously! We feel so blessed.”

To say Dr. Milnor was moved by Ms. Cooper’s response would be an understatement. “This is so cool to help this family out. I have goosebumps! I am thankful every day for the opportunity to serve the residents of Ft. Collins and the surrounding area. They have become like family to me and I love giving back as much as I can. We look forward to seeing this young man’s smile and self-confidence improve throughout his treatment. That’s what our practice is all about.”

In addition to giving away free braces, Milnor Orthodontics also supports several organizations that help children in need, including Kids in Need of Dentistry (KIND), Project Smile, Life for the Innocent, and the Colorado Orthodontic Foundation (COF).