On Friday, May 10th, Norm Oliphant, 95, WWII Veteran and resident of Windsor, Colorado, will exhibit his artwork in a first-time solo showcase at desk chair Workspace.

Oliphant had a passion for Art at a very young age. He grew up in the great depression, in a time where
Art was a luxury for the upper-class, not the normal “working man.” Norm’s father encouraged him to send his work to his favorite famous comic strip creator. Surprisingly the man wrote back to tell him to tell him that his stuff was really good and that he had talent.

Unfortunately, the depression was a difficult time and Norm was forced to set his art aside to take on another path. 30 years later, his neighbor introduced him to the art of acrylics and watercolor painting.

Join us to celebrate an honored life, Veteran and talented artist. The solo art exhibit will debut May 10th, but the public will be able to view the exhibit the rest of May. Don’t miss Ophilants’ watercolor and acrylic inspired replicas and originals.

The event will take place on Friday Night on The Town, May 10th at 6 p.m. at desk chair workspace. Enjoy $1.00 off specialty cocktails and small bites from Five Tables Café. This event is free. Please visit the desk chair events page for updates and announcements.