During the 2018 holiday season, Points West Community Bank (PWCB) customers nominated local organizations to be to receive a $1,000 donation. At the beginning of February, Points West Community Bank presented the University of Northern Colorado Cancer Rehabilitation Institute and Haxtun United Methodist Church each with a $1,000.

“Not only did we want to give back to our community, but also the organizations near and dear to PWCB customers,” said Mark Brase, Front Range President of Points West Community Bank.

UNC Cancer Rehabilitation Institute nominator said, “I have benefited from their help and believe they do amazing research to show the benefits of physical activity for cancer patients who could be in any stage of treatment”.

Haxtun United Methodist Church nominator explains the church “does so many things for so many people. Whether it be the Thanksgiving meal at the community center, Retread Threads, or the community food basket, the Church is there to support our community”.

For more info visit

Points West Community Bank at https://pwcbank.com/colorado/.

Haxtun United Methodist Church at http://haxtunumc.com/.

University of Northern Colorado Cancer Rehabilitation Institute at www.unco.edu/unccri.