Last night, Loveland City Council approved a broadband bond package allowing the newly created Electric and Communication Enterprise to issue and sell $97 million in bonds to finance the construction of the City’s broadband system. The City selected J.P. Morgan as the senior managing underwriter for the broadband project. Brieana Reed-Harmel has led the city’s broadband project since June 2016 and was named municipal fiber manager at the city’s first broadband staffing announcement in December.

The new citywide broadband network will make fiber-optic internet service available to every home, business and school in Loveland. As another internet service provider choice, Loveland Broadband will provide the community access to light-speed internet at affordable prices.

With financing successfully secured, the broadband team is moving forward with critical steps including developing plans, processes and systems, hiring and on-boarding key staff roles, finalizing the fiber-optic network design, developing the broadband brand and building a local call center. This is a big step for the city and all those who have dedicated so much to bettering Loveland’s future.