Project Mental Health Freedom (PMHF). We are a new nonprofit (501c3) in Larimer County based out of Fort Collins. We are here to bridge the gap for mental health support by assisting others with their out of pocket costs for their mental health/substance abuse treatments/maintenance. There are so many people who cannot afford the mental health support and treatments they so desperately need and deserve.

Residents can contact us if they need financial help with their treatment/maintenance. Based on their situation and their need we will work out a plan of action. We maintain relationships with therapists and work with them to set up a payment for set amount of visits. During this time we will have continued contact with the therapists to make sure the client is coming to appointments, not being late every time, being engaged, and doing the homework (if any) that is required. As long as this happens we can assist them for a set period of time. However, we are not here to be their “forever” financial provider for their mental health needs.

PMHF also has a wonderful relationship with Elevations Credit Union, who will assist these people with setting up a budget, which could include a checking/savings account if they don’t have them. Some people don’t have the financial knowledge to budget their own finances; which ECU can assist with this. Others just need more education to get a better job, while others might not have a job, and others who can’t afford it due to so many situations. Examples: a single mom who can’t afford the child care needs, while others might not be able to even afford the transportation costs. These are all things that are stopping people from being able to get the help they need and so badly deserve.Our goal is to obtain the relationships in town to assist all residents that need support and assistance.

We are also advocates of mental health illness, empowering others to stand up and speak up. Mental health matters and we should not be ashamed. In today’s culture it blows my mind that people still see the stereotypes with this. We must break these stereotypes, stop the bullying, stop help stop suicide, and stop the misunderstanding. All while helping others in need.

That being said, PMHF is having our first Kick Off Fundraiser at Maxline Brewing on Sunday December 9th from 1 to 5 PM. This is going to be a Dog Ugly Sweater contest, in which humans are allowed to participate in as well. We will have food, public speakers, a band, silent auction, and of course…beer.

This fundraiser is to help support our kick off as a nonprofit enterprise in Fort Collins. We want everyone to know that their support will enable us to help with the financial needs of our community. However, we need support from our community as well. Proceeds from the event will be applied to our 501(c3) and start up costs. We do this for the passion and our love of the northern Colorado community, all excess funds will be granted directly to our partner therapists for individual needs. We want to let everyone know how passionate we are towards the advocacy of mental health. It affects us all in one way or another.