What do you get when you add two sisters, two years and two decades? Besides a plethora of twos, you get the 20th anniversary of Harmony Skin & Wellness Clinic (formerly Harmony Laser Center), rebranded and revitalized by sisters Nadine and Kendra Thompson since buying Northern Colorado’s premier (and first) medspa 24 months ago.

“If you look at an infant from zero to 20 and all the changes in that organism, all the growth—that’s how we’re looking at Harmony,” says Kendra. “We’re adulting at this point as a company.”
Harmony may be getting older, but its philosophy and approach remain fresh. That’s exactly what people find appealing about Harmony, and what Nadine and Kendra try to offer every customer: Even as our bodies age, our spirits can stay young—and keep us feeling that way.

“It’s not about trying to look like you’re still in your twenties,” says Kendra, “but being your best self where you are. We have a friend who says, ‘My heart is 19, but my body is 62.’ We want to help people find that zest and look their best.”

Kendra and Nadine have added a suite of new services and packages since buying Harmony. They recently partnered with functional nutritionist Shonna Kempter, who harnesses the power of food with a four-point approach that touches on food, lifestyle, environment and supplementation.

Another new addition, the Ultra Femme 360™ procedure, helps curb urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness and loss of sensation. “We’ve heard from clients who say their lives have been changed by this procedure,” says Nadine. “It’s helped build confidence and bring intimacy in their relationships.”
Harmony’s VIP Program grew out of the sisters’ own experience. After their first year of ownership, both Kendra and Nadine noticed that their skin was looking beautiful, despite the high stress levels that come with running a business.

“We attributed that to having easy access to the spa and all the treatments,” Kendra says. “Having consistent facials really made the difference.”

For a monthly fee, clients choose from a menu of services that can be customized to their needs and receive other treatments at a discount. “We see the VIP Program as a good way to get started with a regular and ongoing skin care regimen,” Nadine explains, “and then once that’s established, as a maintenance program.”

Kendra and Nadine will celebrate the 20th anniversary with an open house on December 1. And they’re already planning for the next 20 years, with more new services in development.
When the sisters talk about that future, you can see the excitement in their faces. They simply glow.

2126 Milestone Drive, Suite 107
Fort Collins, CO 80525
(970) 615-9133