Above image: Drennen Custom Contracting crew: David Martin, Mark Chapman, Andi Hart, Scott Drennen, Arnie Drennen, Dan Stephenson


Fort Collins home contractor Arnie Drennen used to live in a hole 50-feet underground—literally. As a missile launch officer in the Air Force, he was positioned in a bunker right outside of Grand Forks, North Dakota. In 1973, after six years of service, Drennen relocated to Fort Collins where he established Drennen Custom Contracting.

“After getting a taste of snow skiing, I knew I had to live in Colorado,” Drennen says. “While growing up, my father provided me 10 years of experience in construction. So, I moved to Colorado and started my own construction company.”

Drennen Custom Contracting is one of Northern Colorado’s most reputable construction companies. Drennen has built it from the ground up so to speak. Armed with a background in physics and chemistry, Drennen’s career took him to Red Feather in the early ‘80s for an unlikely reason.

“Radon became a major part of the business in 1983,” he explains. “Interest rates hit 18 percent and work was scarce. One day, a realtor friend called, all excited, and said she had sold two homes in Red Feather. The only problem was radon.”

The realtor asked if Drennen could fix it and he was up to the challenge.

“I began to learn about radon and how to mitigate it to make homes safer,” he says. “Since fixing those first two homes in Red Feather, Drennen Custom Contracting has mitigated over 17,000 homes in Northern Colorado and Wyoming. Roofing remodel/restoration and radon are the scope of the business.”

In addition to the radon testing and radon mitigation services, Drennen’s team can tackle roofing, new and remodeled bathrooms, kitchens, basements, additions and all areas of repairs.

At Drennen Custom Contracting, Drennen’s enthusiasm for taking care of his clients trickles down throughout the entire company. Above all, high quality customer service is crucial. He wants to make sure his clients are taken care of, one of Drennen’s favorite parts of the job.

“It has been a fun ride,” he says. “I love the challenge of something different every day and helping new people. After 45 years, our clients are the source of our business. Treat every client like you want to be treated.”

Drennen Custom Contracting is an Energy Star Preferred Contractor and offers home analysis. The team is able to cut down on high-energy bills by eliminating drafts, adjusting room temperatures and correcting conditions that can result in mold or mildew. It’s the company’s acute attention to detail and customer relations that truly set them apart.

“Drennen Custom Contracting treats every job as if it was our own personal home,” Drennen says. “We enjoy educating the client while providing quality work at a fair price. It is important for us to build good relationships with our customers and we believe strongly in good communication to insure we can provide a finished project to our customer’s satisfaction.”

“Love what you do, for you are going to spend 40 to 60 hours a week doing it,” he concludes. “The paperwork and management of the company is just as important as the work you do.”

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