Lauren Cruz, SCHEELS Golf Expert, answers your questions about the sport she loves.


What do you love about the game of golf?

My favorite aspects are the challenge, the competitiveness and beautiful locations that golf courses are built on. I love that golf is a sport that you can grow with and play your entire life.

Who taught you the game?

Since my dad was a PGA golf professional and swing coach, he started me early at the age of 2. I have early memories of putting on the carpet in the family room.

What are your favorite memories from the game of golf?

One of my favorite memories is the first time that I actually beat my dad. I eagled a par 4 from 160 yards away. I also have great memories is from competing in three state championship titles.

Has the game of golf taught you any life lessons?

The game has taught me too many lessons to list. However, I think the most important lessons would have to be honesty
and integrity.

How can SCHEELS help people and their golf game?

SCHEELS doesn’t just hire average people; SCHEELS hires people who have great knowledge and passion for the game. SCHEELS offers custom club fittings, which are so important for both advanced and beginner golfers. This service allows each golfer to customize their game.

What is the most rewarding part of the game?

Golf is a great way to build relationships and create lifelong friendships. There is nothing more rewarding than going out with your friends and family to play a round or two on the weekend.


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