Colorado Audiology Center, The Hearing Place, Celebrates Holiday Season with Hearing Aid Giveaway

The Hearing Place – a network of six audiology centers serving Northern and Eastern Colorado – is hosting its third hearing aid giveaway from November 7th through December 2nd, 2022. The giveaway, ‘Hear for the Holidays’ will award one set of new ReSound hearing aids to an individual suffering from hearing loss in Colorado.

The Hearing Place invites family members and loved ones or those in need of better hearing themselves to enter to win the hearing aids online at In order to enter, individuals will be asked to answer a few short questions about why they or the individual they are entering on behalf of are in need of the hearing aids, and how it will positively impact their holiday season. The winner will be selected based on the quality of the entry.

In addition to the hearing aids themselves, the individual chosen will also receive a professional fitting at any of The Hearing Place’s six convenient locations across Northern and Eastern Colorado free of charge.

“Whether it’s board games or carolers, there are so many memories to make around the holidays,” said Dr. Brittany Mathisen, lead audiologist and owner of The Hearing Place. “But when someone can’t hear, they will isolate themselves from their loved ones. They don’t want to bother or ask people to repeat. Hearing aids can allow them to become part of the group again.

“We started Hear for the Holidays as a way to provide a family in Colorado the best holiday season and to start that conversation again. Our goal with this giveaway is to help someone who is suffering from hearing loss to reconnect with their family, friends, and loved ones so that they can experience the holidays with better hearing.”

To enter yourself, a family member, or a loved one to win a set of ReSound hearing aids from The Hearing Place’s ‘Hear For The Holidays’ giveaway, visit