• Nosh and the City of Fort Collins are partnering to provide restaurant delivery services via a new small business-friendly program
  • Restaurant’s portion of commission rates will be covered by the city to provide relief to local restaurants. 
  • Fort Collins residents will pay no processing fee and reduced delivery fees on orders placed at participating restaurants through the duration of the program.
  • The program will run 11/24-12/30, with Nosh continuing to offer lower commission rates & fees than competitor meal delivery services after the completion of the program.


Nosh Northern Colorado, Fort Collins’ only restaurant-owned meal delivery company, has partnered with the City of Fort Collins to launch a new program for restaurant delivery services to the Fort Collins area. This new program is designed to help Fort Collins restaurants during these challenging times by subsidizing commission rates as we experience new waves of the COVID-19 pandemic and adapt to Fort Collins’ new red-zone status.

Under this program, the city will pay the restaurant portion of commission rates from Nosh, allowing local restaurants to retain more of the profit from delivered meals and making delivery service a more viable option for restaurant owners. Additionally, Fort Collins residents who place orders through Nosh with participating restaurants will pay no processing fees and receive reduced delivery fees through the duration of the program. By partnering with Nosh, the city is directly supporting local restaurants by providing not only immediate relief, but also aiding in long-term success for restaurants down the road by incentivizing residents to continue shopping locally by offering reduced fees. The program runs from Nov. 24 to Wednesday, Dec. 30, 2020.

Nosh’s mission is to help local restaurants thrive via lower commission fees, local ownership, and high-quality delivery service. As a company that is owned by local restaurants themselves, Nosh helps keep local dollars in the community and allows the company to focus less on profit and more on exceptional service and quality.  

Local restaurants can sign up to be involved in the program online through this form, and local residents can participate by ordering with Nosh either online or through the Nosh app.


For additional inquiries, please contact Gleidson Gouveia, Nosh Founder, at (319) 296-8362.