(Photo Credit Annie Cross)

In an effort to help local restaurants weather the shift to reduced indoor dining as temperatures cool, Doug & Annie Cross, owners of the “pseudo hotel”, Remington Flats, located at 813 Remington Street in Old Town Fort Collins, will be donating bikes from their treasured New Belgium Brewing Cruiser Collection to be used for several giveaway contests at nearby restaurants and bars.

(Photo Credit Annie Cross)

The first giveaway locale is Pour Brothers Tavern on Linden Street. Patrons of Pour Brothers need only ask for an entry form (after making a purchase of any food or drink), to be eligible to win the 2014 Blueberry Cream Felt Cruiser.


Back in 1995, New Belgium began celebrating co-workers’ one-year anniversary by gifting cruisers, a tradition that evolved into New Belgium-branded cruisers by 1999 and continues today.


Doug & Annie boast a collection of ten New Belgium bikes of varying years (including the first in 1995) which is a perk for guests to use while staying at Remington Flats. Since their business depends on tourist and business travelers, they felt it important to do whatever they could to help their guests’ favorite restaurants survive this upcoming season.

Enter their coveted bike collection. A new restaurant will be announced monthly on their social media pages with December’s upcoming pick being Nick’s Italian.

(Photo Credit Luke Townsend)

They have not said how many of their 10 bikes they intend to giveaway or for how long the giveaways will run for; but if you are a restaurant or bar wanting to be considered, reach out to Annie through the website www.RemingtonFlats.com.


Contact: Annie Cross