Locally-owned express car wash company, Breeze Thru Car Wash, has announced a charitable contribution of $14,351 to Larimer County Search and Rescue, (LCSAR) an independent, non-profit corporation and the search and rescue resource for Larimer County.

This year, Breeze Thru sought to raise $15,000 so that LCSAR may upgrade and replace their aging communication and GPS systems with modern technology such as radios, ruggedized tablets, laptops, Wi-Fi internet connectivity, and training. The new equipment will allow Search and Rescue to do real-time tracking, improve remote communications, and give new capabilities such as using online maps. Each improvement made as a result of the $14,351 total donation could be crucial during dangerous situations in the approximately 70 call-outs this year.

Photos courtesy of Breeze Thru Car Wash and Larimer County Search and Rescue.