Sandbox Solar, a Fort Collins solar company, recently completed an agrivoltaic solar array in a partnership with The Growing Project to support their mission to promote an environmentally and socially just local food system. The agrivoltaic system is something that Sandbox Solar has studied extensively in conjunction with Colorado State University. The system coexists with the Growing Project’s community garden and provides free solar power for communitySandbox Solar donated the 600W, two-panel solar array for the garden, which is designed to allow sunlight to filter through the panels so that the plants underneath can grow while still creating solar energy. The system powers a USB outlet and is designed to further educate the community about the ways in which solar energy and agriculture can coexistSandbox Solar’s research has found that vegetables such as lettuce and kale grow best under these panels, which is what The Growing Project has now planted in the garden. 

Photos courtesy of Sanbox Solar and Jordan Secher.