Have you taken up a new hobby recently? My husband and I just bought our first camper, a tiny little teardrop that he can’t stand up straight in. Its adorable, easy to pull and will hopefully erase my memories of sleepless nights tent camping the last time I went.

So, camping is on the forecast for me. It’s funny, talking to friends and scrolling social media, how important these little getaways have become to us. Formerly we might have planned a long week away at the beach or an epic 14-day trip to a foreign country. Now, we are just hoping to squeeze in a few days along a Colorado river with the goal to reset our brains and give them a little break from, well, everything.

Communing with nature is easy here in Colorado; we are fortunate for all we have just beyond our doorsteps. And this natural bounty has also become so important for our fitness regimens, too. Our article, “Get Fit, Again,” is geared to help you drop the COVID-5 (referring to the overindulgence and stress-eating of the past several months). The point that really stuck with me is how much better we thrive under a routine—which tends to be the first thing I throw out the window when life gets bumpy. Now I am paying for it with early morning jogs and crunches.

Every season change brings tous new resolves. It’s in our nature to look for opportunities for renewal. You probably have some of your own in mind. While you are at it, take a look at Noelle, who we feature on our cover this month. She is a stay-at-home mom who turned her side gig into a successful national company. Talk about a go-getter! She proves that none of us know our true potential until the right passion grabs us.

And in that vein, I am going to end my letter with a little plea to you all. The pandemic’s economic damage is still shaking out. Some of our beloved local businesses will not survive through the fall. So, if you have a few businesses that you love, that make your life more enjoyable in some way—and you are in a position to do so—go support them. Let’s make our statement of support in the form of spending our dollars locally to help those businesses survive. They are what make Northern Colorado so vibrant; it would be a tragedy to lose a single one.

See you next month,

Angie Grenz