The mission of One Community One Family is to partner with families, individuals, and unaccompanied youth moving through homelessness to strengthen life skills and achieve safe, sustainable housing. The vision of One Community One Family is to live in a community where everyone is housed and thriving in their environment. This program is designed to assist participants struggling through homelessness. The 2020 Wits – Walking in their Shoes – adapted to a socially distant event which allowed the organization to cast their net a little wider and really show how intricate their partnerships truly are. They highlighted their collaboration within the community with a different and digital spin on it so you can see how they continued to work within their households in the midst of COVID 19.

Below you can watch the combined full length video of WITS and absorb the impact of how our entire community works together to empower families, individuals, and youth to thrive and build a community that flourishes. It takes less than ten minutes to see how we are #NOCOStrong and we are better together!