The Hearing Place, a network of seven audiology centers serving Northern and Eastern Colorado, has announced it can now serve patients while adhering to social distance practices with at-home testing using the FDA registered hearX Group Self Test Kit technology.

Supporting The Hearing Place motto of “Better Hearing, Better Life,” the hearX Self Test Kit enables home-based hearing health testing, offering patients a convenient solution to leverage remote and telehealthcare. The Hearing Place was inspired to utilize this alternative model of care in response to growing safety concerns from COVID-19.

“The importance of low- and no-touch patient services has become more important than ever with the COVID-19 outbreak,” said Dr. Brittany Mathisen, lead audiologist and owner at The Hearing Place. “Individuals with the highest risk of infection are adults and elderly people, the same group of people that we typically serve.”

The hearX Self Test Kit enables new patient journeys that minimize risk for vulnerable individuals and helps audiologists to provide hearing care directly to patients.

Designed to deliver a robust service without sacrificing convenience, the hearing assessment is conducted through a guided tablet-based program. Patients receive easy-to-follow instructions, user-friendly step-by-step guidance and the option of real-time telehealth support from an audiologist. Additionally, the hearX Self Test Kit includes real-time smart monitoring of noise to alert the user of environmental noise concerns during assessments. Once completed, the assessment can detect conductive hearing loss risk with 94% accuracy for audiologists to make treatment recommendations, including the fitting of hearing aids in low- or no-touch environments.

“Telehealth used to be about convenience and accessibility, now it’s about safety first and foremost,” said Dr. Mathisen. “To ensure that we are able to continue providing top-notch hearing care, we are encouraging our patients to take advantage of at-home appointments using the hearX Self Test Kit as they become available across our service areas.”

The Hearing Place will first launch this service in the Fort Collins area and expects to make this option available to other communities surrounding its locations in the coming months.

Both new and existing patients located in the Fort Collins area who are interested in the at-home hearX Self Test Kit service can learn more and request a self-test kit at