In April, we called out to NOCO readers to nominate their pets for our Cutest Pet in NOCO Photo Contest. We received 340 entries and 1,648 votes, and the winning entry came from Loveland’s own Tina Caldwell and her three pups: Miley, Leo Little Man, and Belle.

Caldwell shares this about her adorable furry family, “Miley was our first Welsh Terrier. She is six and a half years old, and the smallest one. She is an incredible, loving therapy dog, not just to our precious daughter but she has been bringing smiles and cuddles to many people since she was a year old. Leo Little Man, our other Welsh Terrier, is five years old and makes us laugh so much but also loves to be close to you. Belle, our Airedale who is three and a half, was rescued from Texas and has completed our family. She is simply a jewel in every way. They are all the best of buds and bring such joy and love to our family and to everyone they meet. Every dog is a winner in our eyes, but our three hold a very special place in our hearts and are part of our family.”