Happy Earth Day!

Looking for some fun ways to recognize today? Here are a few ideas! These are just a few beginning ideas, we recommend you search for more online! There are so many fun recipes, crafts and activities you and the whole family can do!

Creative Snacks:

These classic snacks never fail to satisfy tastebuds and spark imagination. Find a fun way to incorporate Earth Day Cooking Classes or just bring out these surprise snacks to the family!

“Ants on a Log” Ingredients

  • Celery, apple wedges, banana ( cut in half the long way), cucumber ( cut in half the long way )
  • any nut butter ( peanut butter, almond butter, etc…) hummus, cream cheese, cottage cheese
  • Raisins, other dried fruit, olives, cherry tomatoes, seeds, nuts, blueberries, grapes
  • The “Ants on a Log” possibilites are endless!

“Worms in Dirt” Ingredients

  • Oreos
  • 1 (3.9 ounce) package instant chocolate pudding mix
  • 2 cups of milk
  • or simply purchase already made pudding cups
  • gummy worms candy

Search these snacks online to find other variations and detailed instructions!

“Ants on a Log”

“Worms in Dirt”










Start to Plant Seeds Indoors:

It may be just a bit too soon for most fruits, veggies and plants to be planted outside but you can start to plant the seeds indoors!

Indoor Seed Starters










Creative Crafts:

Get Crafty at home with some simple and fun projects!

Earth Day Coffee Filters



Make some Earth Coffee Filters by coloring on the filters ( probably with mostly greens and blues) to represent this beautiful planet and then spray the coffee filter with water, press them flat and let them dry, soon you will have little planet earths to hang in your window!







Earth Day Scavenger Hunt



Either make your own “Earth Day Scavenger Hunt” or search for templates online! This is a great tangible activity that gets the kids outside and a new appreciation for nature!