HWY34 RV, a locally-owned full-service RV sales and service center recently donated 400 rolls of septic-safe toilet paper to a local charitable group, ‘A Little Help,’ a nonprofit organization that connects neighbors of all ages to enhance lives and strengthen communities.

The contribution will be included in care packages for the elderly who are in need across Northern Colorado. Recipients are experiencing the impact of household necessities supply shortages resulting from community preparedness against the Coronavirus. With rapid preventative cautions and quarantines implemented, local suppliers are unable to meet growing demands for essentials such as toilet paper and more.

“As A Little Help continues to grow, we are so grateful that good people are contributing and volunteering to help us get things done,” says Hillary Lenz, MPH, Executive Director at A Little Help. “In Northern Colorado, we’re bringing our service and community-building model to older adults and their neighbors throughout the region.”

In partnership with the Larimer County Office on Aging, Partnership for Age-Friendly Communities, and an array of organizations addressing the needs of older adults, A Little Help launched in Fort Collins in 2018 to provide resources for older adults that did not exist in communities.

Individuals that “A Little Help” serves across Northern Colorado are demographically at a higher risk of contracting the virus, and many are unable to adequately prepare for such an unexpected and ever-escalating crisis situation.

“Our goal has always been to provide a safe and comfortable home-away-from-home for our community members,” said Jeffrey Taylor, Owner of HWY34 RV. “The comforts of home are important to us, and we believe that our neighbors in need, especially our senior citizens, deserve to be and feel safe, comfortable and cared for. This is why we are working to support people’s quality of life by contributing one of life’s greatest essentials that happen to be in short supply. We hope this will inspire others to do what they can to stay well and take care of each other during this trying time.”