locally-made snacks and beverages that are delicious, unique and completely Northern Colorado.

Kure’s Craft Beverage Co.
Kure’s Ginger Beer was inspired by John J. Kure’s homemade ginger beer. Produced in Loveland, Kure’s Ginger Beer is made with simple ingredients—real, organic ginger juiced in-house, which gives it that great ginger bite, and cane sugar. The non-alcoholic beverage has about half the sugar of typical ginger beers with an authentic ginger taste.

The company, comprised of John J. Kure, father John S. Kure and friend Blake Walker, opened in 2017 and has recently branched into the craft cocktail market. Kure’s Ginger Beer is available throughout Colorado and Illinois, and a six- pack of ginger beer retails at $8.99. Visit KuresGingerBeer.com to find out where you can grab some for your next Moscow Mule.

Life’s a Buch
After years of dealing with severe gut issues, Rachael Walker decided it was time to take matters into her own hands. She formulated a kombucha recipe in her basement apartment and the rest is history. Since 2018, she has been making kombucha using local ingredients and small batch brewing methods that allow her to keep consistent and unique flavor profiles. Her most popular flavor is Blueberry Chai. Other flavors include Apple Cider, Turmeric Ginger, Cucumber Basil, Very Berry Lemonade and more. Walker’s kombucha is flavorful, with just the right amount of tang without overpowering the other flavors.

Life’s a Buch retails between $3.79 and $4 on the shelf and is found in 25 retail locations throughout Wellington, Fort Collins, Loveland, Boulder and Denver.

Poeme Macarons
A macaron is the classic French cookie that is both visually stunning and delicious. For Sandra Zupanski, owner of Poeme Macarons, they are also a love song—inspired by composer Ernest Chausson’s “Poeme.” Her macarons are light in texture, creamier and a little less sweet than the heavier-handed versions. Poeme naturally colors every macaron and hand makes every filling. Zupanski’s flavors are unique; her signature is Earl Grey and Peach, but she also tickles the tastebuds with Sesame Soy-Sauce, Blackberry Sage and Captain Crunch.

Poeme Macarons are available online at poememacarons.com and can be shipped nationwide. Zupanski is also planning to open a Fort Collins storefront this fall. Vegan, dairy-free and custom flavor/color options are available. Macarons are naturally gluten-free. $3/macaron, $34/dozen.

Bubba’s Fine Foods
Junk food addicts Jeff Schmidgall and Jared Menzel shared a love of Doritos and Chex Mix growing up, but their bodies rebelled. Schmidgall developed Crohn’s disease and Menzel was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. Their mutual dietary restrictions lead to experimenting with real food replacements for their processed favorites, and Bubba’s Fine Foods was born. Bubba’s features paleo-friendly, grain-free recipes that are at once healthy and decadent. They utilize well-seasoned whole ingredients, with kettle roasted banana chips being a primary component.

Bubba’s is produced in Loveland and sold locally at grocery stores and at BubbasFoods.com. Snack mix ranges from $4.99 for a 4 oz. bag to $1.99 for a 1.2 oz. single serve.