We are excited to announce that we have the top 12 semi-finalists for the “Ordinary Extraordinary People Award.”  Now, we have a Survey Monkey to narrow down to the top six nominees with three men and three women being honored on October 1, 2019.

Here is the link for the survey and anyone may do the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/TQT6LHY

These are people who have impacted us here in Northern Colorado with their service, contributions and achievements: These honorees inspire us. They are the ordinary people you see doing extraordinary things that impact Northern Colorado.  They volunteer their time and talent for others in Northern Colorado.  They are a business, nonprofit or community leaders.  The honorees have gone over and beyond and they are self-motivated to give back to the local community.

The banquet will be on October 1, 2019 from 5:30-8:30 pm at Fireside Cafe and Catering, 1515 Cascade Avenue, Loveland, Colorado.

For more information please contact Ann Baron at ann@northerncoloradocommunity.comor call her at 970-405-4208.

This event is brought to you by Northern Colorado Community.

Men semi-finalist nominees by alphabetical order

Brad Hoopes: Brad Hoopes has honored Northern Colorado Veterans for many years through several nonprofit organizations such as Honor Flight, Pam Vets, and Veterans Plaza. He has video recorded veterans and turn those videos into DVDs.  Brad arranged for vets to go to a Rockies Baseball game and giving them special recognition. He started a free magazine called “Remember and Honor” dedicated to the belief that veterans deserve to have their stories permanently recorded. Brad is one of the most humble and giving individuals.

Franklin Taggart:  Franklin Taggart, is a consultant at the Loveland SBDC. He meets with businesses and his generosity immediately struck us. He takes details notes and really listens.  Franklin has an incredible ability to help people see their deeper and wider impact.  He has an “Inbox Encouragement” and his weekly email with heartfelt and though provoking stories.  He is a creative genius and the most giving, genuine person with his business and creative advice. He gives so much to the community through his own businesses, his podcast, his hours at the SBDC and teaching throughout the area.

Jason Brabson: Jason Brabson, is a man who constantly gives to his community in immeasurable ways.  His company is Heart & Soul Paratransit and this big-hearted company arranges transportation for kidney dialysis patients who need a ride, older folks going to the doctor or hospital.  Many times he and his staff take the extra time to walk their clients to their doors and make sure they are okay inside their homes before they take off to another van run. It’s the compassion needed in our society and Jason ensures his customers are all treated with respect and care during their time with him or his employees.  Jason serves on the Senior Board of Fort Collins and volunteers on the Transportation Board. Jason also volunteers with Food Bank, SAVA, Heart and Horses, Mobility Coalition, Senior Transportation Coalition. He sets the example for his staff and for everyone he meets to strive to do what is right for our aging population.

John & Jeanne Perrine: John and Jeanne Perrine, held the 32nd year of the Memorial Weekend tribute to first responders, active duty and veterans. John was a Vietnam Vet and he was not welcomed home. He decided to do his part to let veterans know that their sacrifices were important. Also, they both volunteer as Santa and Mrs. Claus at Christmas.

Shaun Ritter:  Shaun Ritter, works with the hobo cafe to make sure the homelss gets one good meal in Loveland. He support a different local non profit each month with his story slams. He raises money for the Community Kitchen.

Vince Deely: Vince Deely is the Director of Development at the Loveland Habitat for Humanity.  I feel this only begins to scratch the surface of the heart that he has for service and our community.  He is everywhere representing Habitat.  Vince captains the Women Build Committee through this he empowers women in the community to become more involved with Habitat. Until recently he was in charge of the social media campaigns for Women Build, Habitat for Humanity and the Restore. Above all, I think what makes Vince the perfect nominee for the Ordinary Extraordinary People Award is that he’d never fell that he deserves it.

Women semi-finalist nominees by alphabetical order

Andrea Grant: Andrea Grant is a consultant with the Larimer County Small Business Development Center.  She became a mentor to our business in addition to a friend, and has advised me in my business pursuits since we began my entrepreneurial journey.  Andrea has been the three-time winner of the SBDC Consultant of the Year award and has consulted with over 400 small business owners during her 12+ years in this role.  In 2018 alone Andrea worked directly with businesses that grew their revenues by over 7.7 M, added 40 new jobs, and attracted $3.7 M in capital via loans or private investments.  In addition, Andrea has advised many businesses and the businesses would not exist in it’s current form if not for her wisdom.

Carrie Thompson:  Carrie Thompson and her family’s business, Business Equipment Sales & Service, has had an amazing impact on the community since 1976.  She has volunteered and coordinated volunteers for countless events through the years.  Through her position as volunteer coordinator at Hearts and Horses over a period of seven years she grew the volunteer base from 200 to 1,500 volunteers per year.  She has also helped or volunteered with 137 Homeless Connection, Loveland Youth Gardeners, Loveland House Assisted Living, Realities for Children, and mentoring youth.  In addition, BES is actively involved in donations for nonprofits such as services and printers.  This year she coordinated an effort to gift a free video to three nonprofits which is a $10,000 donation value.

Kristin Watts:  Kristin Watts started a nonprofit called Project 31:25 three years ago after her personal experience with domestic violence. She found a way to give back to the community.  Kristin has single-handedly created a safety net of service oriented companies and individuals to help victims of domestic violence chart a way out.   To date she has supported 150 families with 87% pf them living abuse free, self-sustaining lives.

Mary Elizabeth Lenahan: Mary Elizabeth Lenahan formed over 30 years ago Dance Express.  This was started to express the love of a sister and honoring the spirit of her special-needs sibling.  Mary Elizabeth has enriched the lives of hundreds of young adults with or without disabilities through showing them their unique beauty through dance.  At a personal level, they sometimes for the first time, find a safe space to gain positive self-esteem, find a positive outlet for self-expression and the joy of being proud of their accomplishments.

Sarita Reddy: Sarita Reddy serves as the Executive Director for the Greeley Center for Independence.  Their mission is to empower people with disabilities and lead interconnected, independent lives.  When we met for the first time, the depth of her knowledge was rivaled only by her passion and commitment to helping those with disabilities.  Her experience spans decades.  Sarita grew up in India and has a sister who has a developmental disability and she has a son with a disability.  Her experience and influence spans to the state and federal levels too.

Terri Lee Bolles:  Terri Lee Bolles founded Project Mental Health Freedom.  I believe what she and her board are providing will save lives.  The PMHF works with providers in Larimer County offering support for those individuals needing mental health maintenance.  They also work for lower costs of these services and will pay for the services when needed.