The Rocky Mountain Raptor Program invites amateur and professional photographers to submit their photos of birds of prey. The top 13 photographs will be included in the 2020 RMRP Raptor Photo Calendar. All photographs will include photo credits. We thank all those who kindly donate their talent and love of wildlife to this calendar. 

This project is a huge fundraiser for the RMRP, and is an important part of our environmental education and outreach, reaching thousands across the states. We are excited to see who this year’s finalists will be! 

Photo Guidelines: 

 Photos must be sized for printing at 12 inches wide by 10 inches high (3,600 x 3,000 pixels (at dpi). 

 Please submit in high quality JPEG file/RGB color space. 

 Photographs can be taken in the wild or in captivity of any raptor around the world. 

 Submission forms for photographs must be completed. You can download submission forms at 

 Photo submissions are $20 for the first photo and $10 for each additional photo. These submission fees help defray the cost of printing and producing the calendar. 

Please note that all photographs must show ethical behavior around wildlife. Please refer to the American Birding Associations Code of Ethics which can be found at this website: 

Photos must be submitted by July 1, 2019. 

How to Submit: 

 Fill out a submission for your photographs. You can find submission forms at 

 Submissions can be made via hard copy on CDR, flash drive, or similar media. Please DO NOT email submissions. 

o Submissions can be mailed to: 

o Rocky Mountain Raptor Program 

o Calendar Contest 

o 2519 S. Shields Street, #115 

o Fort Collins, CO 80526 

 Submissions can be made online via our Dropbox Account. Email to ask for the secure Dropbox link. PLEASE do not email submissions directly. 

 Please label all photos with your last name and species of bird. 

Winning photographers will receive a free copy of the calendar, and a discount on additional calendar purchases. 

Decisions will be made by August 1, 2019 and all photographers sending submissions will be notified shortly thereafter by e-mail. You may direct any questions to: Lisa Winta at 970-484-7756 or 

About: Since 1987, The Rocky Mountain Raptor Program has rescued and rehabilitated thousands of raptors, educated the public about human/wildlife conflicts, and conducted research to help raptors survive in the wild. 

As an independent, 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, RMRP is non-government, and is not state or federally funded. We do not receive regular operating support from any national or international humane organizations, but are supported mostly by recurring or one-time individual gifts, and some foundation and corporate support. Ten staff members and over 140 active volunteers carry out its work. 

For more information: 970-484-7756, or 

Photo Caption: This photograph by Paul Walker was the cover of the 2019 RMRP Photo Calendar.