Crossroads Safehouse is a local nonprofit in Fort Collins that has served survivors of domestic violence in northern Colorado for nearly 40 years. On January 3, the nonprofit excitedly appointed Missy Van Sickle as the organization’s Shelter and Outreach Director. Crossroads Safehouse is building on its impactful history by merging its shelter and outreach programs into one cohesive unit under Van Sickle’s leadership.

Crossroads provides food, clothing and support for more than 500 residents, as well as more than 15,000 units of service to thousands of clients and program attendees. The merging of the shelter and outreach programs ensure that victims of domestic violence and intimate partner abuse receive the most comprehensive and supportive care possible.

Van Sickle brings a wealth of knowledge to her new role, has the vision and ability to join these programs effectively, and will use her considerable experience – including five years at Crossroads – to continue helping victims of domestic violence.

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