Innovative Statewide Affiliate Program Brings Additional Direct Primary Care Options to Nearly 4,000 State Employees in Fort Collins and Surrounding Areas 

Fort Collins, Colo., September 6, 2018 — Paladina Health has expanded its delivery of innovative primary care services to more patients in partnership with UnitedHealthcare and the State of Colorado. The expansion has increased access to Paladina Health’s delivery of individualized healthcare for nearly 4,000 state employees and family members in Fort Collins the surrounding areas, bringing additional high quality healthcare options to local residents.

Dr. Jan Hester of Caring for the Family in Fort Collins is among the first direct primary care providers to sign on with the Paladina Health statewide affiliate program. Dr. Hester will continue to operate under the Caring for the Family brand name and provide direct primary care to new and existing patients, which now includes state employees within a 25-mile radius of Fort Collins.

“I’m thrilled to expand my Direct Primary Care practice in collaboration with Paladina Health,” said Dr. Hester. “The DPC model allows me to spend more time with my patients, which they really appreciate. It’s beneficial for both me, as the provider, and for my patients to have an opportunity to address their cold symptoms, back pain and depression in one office visit.”

State employees have had the option to take part in Paladina Health’s direct primary care services since 2015 through a partnership with State of Colorado for employees who are on a UnitedHealthcare plan, but access to Paladina Health doctors has largely been limited to Front Range residents until now. Since the program expansion launched in April 2018, 200 Fort Collins-area state employees and families have taken advantage of the Paladina Health offering.

“It’s terrific to see these services offered to more State of Colorado employees,” said Markie Davis, manager of employee benefits and risk management for the State of Colorado. “The Paladina Health model improves access to quality healthcare and saves our employees time and money – two things that are invaluable to our workforce.”

Paladina Health’s approach to direct primary care offers patients an affordable, accessible and convenient healthcare option that allows providers to deliver holistic, patient-centered care at no or low-cost to the patient. Patient benefits include same or next day appointments in the office, 24/7 access to their physician by phone or email, and the ability to address multiple health issues in a single appointment without feeling rushed.

New patients have given the new healthcare option high marks. “My doctor took the time to listen to all of my concerns,” she said. “Because of the attention and efficiency of the care team at Paladina Health, I feel that I am in better health and look forward to my next visit. After having lab work done at my office visit, my Paladina Health doctor took the time to call me personally to go over my results. It was a really nice personal touch that made me feel valued by my doctor.”

Paladina Health currently has more than 50 physician offices in nine states with plans for growth. The new expansion is the first of its kind to incorporate existing, independently operated doctor’s offices vetted to offer Paladina Health benefits in areas where the company does not have brick and mortar locations. Paladina Health services are now available at 14 locations across Colorado.

“Paladina Health is about patient-focused and physician-led care, and disrupting the broken healthcare system,” said Paladina Health CEO Chris Miller, MBA. “We are proud to have a strong relationship with the State of Colorado and collaborating to address healthcare needs across Colorado is the latest step along our journey. Bringing new primary care providers under the Paladina Health umbrella allows us to expand by tapping into their established presence in communities where they are known and trusted, and the model is one that can be replicated to offer added value for both employers and employees.”

Direct Primary Care Difference

Unlike traditional healthcare coverage — where the insurance company determines which provider visits, lab tests, imaging technologies and medications it will cover — direct primary care offers patients unparalleled access to their doctor for a flat monthly membership fee, limiting out of pocket costs for patients, improving health outcomes and allowing providers to deliver a better healthcare experience for the patient.

A growing number of U.S. patients are steered towards high-deductible health plans (HDHPs) because of increasing costs and narrow networks. Direct primary care moves the doctor and the patient away from a fee-for-service model and allows them to focus on giving and receiving value-based care.

Individuals can become independent Paladina Health members even if it is not currently an option through an employer-provided health plan. More information is available by contacting Paladina Health Member Services at


About Paladina Health

Paladina Health strives to return health care to its roots as a trusted relationship between patient and provider. Through our growing national footprint, we are building doctor’s offices and creating alliances that give patients access to timely, cost-effective and high quality care that is physician directed and outcome-oriented. With Paladina Health, patients enjoy improved convenience and better care access while health benefits sponsors are aided in helping employees and their families mitigate cost and live healthier lives. For more information, visit


Margaret D. Fogarty