Settlers came to the present-day Berthoud area in the early 1860s following the Colorado Gold Rush.

  The town of Berthoud and Berthoud Pass are named after Captain  Edward Louis Berthoud, who is best known as the chief engineer and secretary of the Colorado Central Railroad during its expansion in the 1870s.

  Berthoud became incorporated in 1888.

  Agriculture consists of wheat, water, alfalfa and beets.

  The elevation is 5030 feet.

  Nicknamed “The Garden Spot of Colorado.”

  Oldest known business that we know of is Jones Plumbing, now called Jones Excavating & Plumbing.

  Grandmother Jones still lives at 621 4th St., and it’s the third-oldest house in Berthoud, built in 1886.

  The newest business to open, according to the Berthoud Chamber of Commerce, is Jason Innes Photography.

  The arch in Fickel Park was reconstructed in 1988 with a time capsule. The arch is made from the same bricks that were in the original arch at the school that used to stand in Fickel Park.

  Berthoud is part of the Thompson School District with four public schools.

  The population currently is around 7,500 (12,686 with an 80513 ZIP code).

  Mayor William Karspeck was elected April 3, 2018.