NOCO’s Gold Medalists

Applause, applause to NOCO Style and Carolyn Cosmos for the great story on the two sled hockey players from Northern Colorado, part of the gold winning U.S. team! My husband and I watched all the Paralympics, and were so impressed! I even contacted other  media, asking them to at least report on the Paralympics, so I was so pleased to see your April issue.

We knew those two men who were on the team. We remember that horrible accident that cost them their legs. Wonderful to see them with such positive attitudes, serving as role models to others.

Congrats to the whole team, and all the athletes who took part in all sports. I wish the media would do more to recognize them.  Hats off to Carolyn and NOCO Style for paying tribute to them.

—Linda Brott


Community Appreciation Event

Thank you for inviting us to the classy event.  We thoroughly enjoyed the food, drinks and production. My wife said it was the highlight of her week! We haven’t been attending OpenStage events, but are now looking for the next production.

—Jim Chudd


Kudos to NOCO Style for hosting such an enjoyable evening at Openstage’s wonderful production of “And Then There Were None.” I have enjoyed reading Lydia’s STYLE for many years and am happy to know it will continue to inform, entertain, and engage us all under Tonja’s new leadership and Lydia’s continued involvement. I love the NOCO calendar. It makes staying involved in all the fabulous events Northern Colorado has to offer so much easier!

—Leslie Aguilera


NOCO Style magazine is such an amazing publication supporting the surrounding communities, an array of causes and all walks of life. The magazine was amazing before the recent changes, but Tonja has stepped it up with a wonderful website and a new twist for her audience. All the fun contests that get us all involved, make us come back for more. I love reading the publication each month and appreciate the help given to great causes. Keep up the great work!

—Michelle Feller


First, I want to say it was a pleasure meeting Tonja and Toni at the Lincoln Center. I saw so many people I hadn’t seen in a while and felt like there was a lot of enthusiasm about Style. Second, I just received my issue of the April NOCO Style and LOVE it! I am so impressed with the way you have broadened our view and our community inclusion. It’s fabulous. Not only does it look good, it reads well. Thanks for your vision and your energy.

Kay Rios