April 7, 2018 :: Hilton :: Fort Collins

For 21 years, The Realities For Children Awards Gala has been honoring leaders in our community and victorious youth who have triumphed over childhood abuse. Each year we are proud to recognize the unsung heroes in Child Protection, Law Enforcement, Youth Agencies, Volunteers, Foster Parents, Realities For Children Business Members and all those who come together in Larimer County to make a difference.

Within our program each year, we have a special section dedicated to our Youth Awards. This year’s Awards Gala features the Keeping Dreams Alive Awards which are dedicated to inspiring young children still involved in the social services system to identify and follow their dreams. Children ages 6-14 are nominated by our Partner Agencies and asked what their dreams are for the future as well as for today. At the Gala, we grant their “today” dreams while encouraging them to believe in their future dreams.

Photo credit: Craig Vollmar