As I write this, I am on a return flight home following a conference in New Orleans. I am eager to have the Rocky Mountains welcome me back. As much as I travel—and sometimes imagine myself living in other places, learning the cultures, enjoying local cuisine and attending regional and local festivities—I am always eager to get back to picturesque Colorado, my wonderful family, my sweet dogs and my comfy home.

Speaking of homes, our feature, “Green Community,” (page 34) highlights the impressive amenities that make Revive Fort Collins a sustainable and welcoming community. If I didn’t already have a home.…

Of course, homeownership is just one facet of the economy, and many of us have been witness to the explosive growth of the region, which we detail in our economic update, “NOCO’s Growing Pains,” (page 22). Some Coloradans have ridden the ebbs and flows of the economy to new heights, but others have found themselves priced out of the housing market.

Another feature that I hope will generate buzz (pun intended) is “The Buzz About Bees,” (page 16). We follow a beekeeper who tends to more than 100 hives in Northern Colorado, and she shares her concerns for the declining bee population.

On February 1, we launched our brand-new, state-of-the-art website, We have features on our site that complement and enhance our monthly print issues. While magazines have limited real estate, the web allows us to expand our articles and feature online exclusive content. We have a dedicated digital team that adds “About Town” photos and event listings regularly to ensure that you know your options when planning your social activities, as well as keep up with who’s doing what around NOCO. Look around the website and give us feedback.

We introduced the first of many contests we’re hosting on our website. The February contest featured the cutest pets in NOCO and as of press time, has already received more than 800 visitors voting on 90-plus pets submitted through our website. The contest was graciously sponsored by Otter Shop.

This month’s featured contest is sponsored by Scheels; submit pictures of your favorite outdoor activities. Visit our Contests page for information.

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